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Board of Directors

Giovanna Giancaspro
Giovanna Giancaspro
Manager at La Molisana

Employed at Restaurant La Molisana. As a committed business woman she writes articles in the monthly publication La Voce and often shares her political view in various media in Montreal.

She is also the inventor of Ski N Skate, a harness which teaches children to ski and skate. Being a resident of the Ahuntsic neighborhood, is why Giovanna Giancaspro devotes herself to the well-being of La Promenade Fleury.

Sébastien Masson
Sébastien Masson
Restaurant L'Estaminet
Sébastien Masson is the owner and manager of the café bistro L’Estaminet, founded by his father in 1985. He successfully managed to carry on the family legacy after his father. Since its very first day, L’Estaminet has been well established on La Promenade Fleury. Committed to the vitality of his commercial artery, Sébastien Masson joined the Board of Directors in March 2014. He is also the owner of the café bistro Le Coin G, located in the borough of Villeray. Sébastien Masson holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).
Jonathan Léveillé
Jonathan Léveillé
Caisse d'Ahuntsic
Jonathan Léveillé began his career at Desjardins in 2004 as a personal financial advisor and made his way up the ladder to his current title, head of personal financial services. Born and raised in Ahuntsic, he has been a resident of the borough his whole life. Thanks to his motivation to constantly face new challenges and his will to get involved with his community, Jonathan Léveillé was elected to the Board of Directors of the SDC Promenade Fleury in March 2014. Jonathan Léveillé holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as a certificate in Financial Planning from HEC Montréal, and the title of Financial Advisor, granted by the IQPF.
Mark Savard
Owner of the Centre Légal Fleury

With a Bachelor of Laws and of Business Administration, Mark Savard offers, at his law firm located on La Promenade Fleury, a personalized service that covers inheritance law, work related problems, harassment, dismissal, latent defects, as well as any other legal or contractual cases.

Mark holds his neighbourhood dear, where he works, lives, and gets involved. Apart from being secretary of the Board of Directors of La Promenade Fleury, Mark is also Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Association des gens d’affaires d’Ahuntsic-Cartierville (AGAAC).

Isabelle Quinn
Owner of Sweet Isabelle

Isabelle Quinn started her career in the world of finance by training professionals. Cake decorating courses in the Queen City and the Big Apple will give her an interest for creative cake and pastry making… a culinary background that would change her life.

Isabelle Quinn started by baking butter sablés and cupcakes, which she would tastefully decorate using marshmallow creme. Since the beginning, these sweets have known instant success and her cookie decorating classes were loved by both the young and the old. Sweet Isabelle was born!

The store has been established on the SDC’s territory for almost four years. Back then, Isabelle decided to get involved with La Promenade Fleury. Since 2010, she acts as Administrator and Vice-President of the Board of Directors and, with her love and passion, brings renewal to the organization.

Guylaine Rivard
Owner of Chaussures O’Pas

For 12 years, Guylaine Rivard worked as a special educator for the Commission scolaire de Montréal. During that period, she was working part-time at the boutique L’Épingle à linge on La Promenade Fleury. In 1998, she wanted to give it a go at entrepreneurship, and acquired the assets of Chaussures O’Pas, giving her the opportunity to definitively start her career in business. Even today, she finds pride in offering excellence at all levels: from customer service to the choice of products.

As a long time resident of Ahuntsic, Guylaine has been taking part in the SDC La Promenade Fleury since its beginning and has always invested herself in her neighbourhood.

Lorraine Pagé
Lorraine Pagé
City Counselor - District Sault-au-Récollet - Ahuntsic-Cartierville
Lorraine Pagé teaches for many years before becoming president of the Alliance des professeures et professeurs de Montréal, from 1985 to 1988. She is then elected president of the Centrale de l'enseignement du Québec (CEQ), making her the first female president of a major trade union in Quebec. During her mandates, she defends the teachers and their causes, while promoting the importance of education and of the French language. Afterwards, she is in charge of the Communication Services of the CEQ. Lorraine’s hard work earns her numerous honors. In 1987, she receives the Chomedey-de-Maisonneuve Award. Two years later, she is nominated for Woman of the Year, in the Labour Union category, by the 20th Salon de la femme de Montréal. In 1990, she is the recipient of the Ordre des francophones d'Amérique, an honor granted by the Conseil de la langue française.
Francine Vallée
Owner of Lunetterie C4GO

Francine Vallée has been in the optical business for 28 years. Graduating as a dispensing optician 26 years ago, she has been the owner of an optical laboratory for 20 years. Since 2008, she has been running Lunetterie C4GO on Promenade Fleury.

She is always looking to provide both personalized services and designer glasses from all over the world, at very affordable and competitive prices. She literally made an institution of Ahuntsic out of Lunetterie C4GO, where she offers eye examinations and screenings for ocular pathologies. For many years, she has been devoted to the Société de développement commercial; she was an active member of the first development committee of La Promenade Fleury

Diem-Thu Doan
Owner of Virevent

In 2014, Diem-Thu Doan, a proud mother of Ahuntsic, decided to give entrepreneurship a try by acquiring the Virevent dairy bar. Since then, she has been making delicious homemade ice creams as well as many other gourmet sweets to delight both young ones and grown-ups!

Beforehand, Mrs. Doan worked in finance. Involved in her community, she was a volunteer for many years at Louis-Collin school.

Wanting to contribute to the development of her neighbourhood, Diem-Thu Doan joined the board of directors of the SDC Promenade Fleury in March 2015.